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Living with monks in the hills of France

Evening was beginning to fall as the woman’s friend dropped me off at Taizé. Feeling terribly materialistic, I dragged my suitcases and backpack down the dusty road to the welcome center. There was a fair amount of confusion to my arrival. I was … Continue reading

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Blinded by history

My last day in Nîmes, I woke up just knowing there was no way I would ever make my train. Stepping into the post office as soon as it opened, I confirmed this fear. The post woman was trying to … Continue reading

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Songs from the heart- Taizé music

Post on my Taizé experience to come. The songs from Taizé are truly beautiful and deserve a post of their own. Here are my top 10 favorite songs from Taizé: 1.) Exaudi Orationem meam 2.) Laetentur Coeli 3.) Dans nos … Continue reading

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Taizé- A history of love, community, and friendship

 After going to the European Meeting in Strasbourg, I knew I had to go to Taizé community. I spent my last week in France there and I could not be happier that I did. I came home with a heart … Continue reading

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You have to say goodbye if you want to say hello

My heartstrings are being torn every which way to the point my heart feels it must burst. I prefer to think that it won’t burst; that instead, it will stretch, growing larger so it can contain all the sentiments it feels. It is a … Continue reading

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Friendship beyond boundaries, united above differences- New Year 2014 Taizé

This experience was one of the most marking experiences of my life and certainly of my TAPIF experience. I want to share it with you. It is of a religious encounter, yet also so much more. Whether you’re religious or … Continue reading

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