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The Practical Things for TAPIF: What foods ARE typically American?

When you’re preparing to leave, sometimes you want to try to take ingredients for typically American (or wherever you’re from) foods. For me, it was hardest to figure out what a typically American food was beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF: So you’re moving to Nîmes

Congratulations to all those who will be TAPIFing in Nîmes this coming year! You have secured a wonderful placement, so don’t be too disappointed if you were holding out for Montpellier, which is only 22 minutes away by train (yes, … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF: What to bring

Now that I’m back in the states, I can a bit more accurately suggest what to pack. I will try to avoid the obvious (I’ll assume you won’t forget your camera and passport). I apologize that this is probably going to … Continue reading

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