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Just Keep Swimming- Message for new TAPIFers

You might think “France? What’s so difficult about living in France? That would be a dream!” You’re not completely wrong. Living in France can be dreamy. Having just arrived, it probably is pretty dreamy right now. It’s probably not as … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF: What foods ARE typically American?

When you’re preparing to leave, sometimes you want to try to take ingredients for typically American (or wherever you’re from) foods. For me, it was hardest to figure out what a typically American food was beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. … Continue reading

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Reverse culture shock: Becoming [American]

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting any reverse culture shock. Silly of me? Well, perhaps. I knew it would be difficult to leave France and have to start over, but I would keep occupied with my move to DC and experiencing … Continue reading

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The Nail That Sticks Out

For a change of pace, here’s a guest post I wrote for the World Learning blog; The Nail That Sticks Out. I had a wonderful day following and getting to know these Japanese participants in the International Visitor Leadership Program. It’s … Continue reading

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Living with monks in the hills of France

Evening was beginning to fall as the woman’s friend dropped me off at Taizé. Feeling terribly materialistic, I dragged my suitcases and backpack down the dusty road to the welcome center. There was a fair amount of confusion to my arrival. I was … Continue reading

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Blinded by history

My last day in Nîmes, I woke up just knowing there was no way I would ever make my train. Stepping into the post office as soon as it opened, I confirmed this fear. The post woman was trying to … Continue reading

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Bulls, bulls, bulls

Camille came down from Paris to visit me in Nîmes for Easter (holy flapjacks am I behind on posts). To celebrate the day before Easter, we were off to the bulls! Arles was celebrating Easter with the Féria de Pâques. We … Continue reading

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