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TAPIF in review

My TAPIF experience was incredible and I would definitely recommend the program. If I’d had the possibility of renewing my contract for a second year, I probably would have, but alas, it’s no longer possible to do two consecutive years. This is really … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF: So you’re moving to Nîmes

Congratulations to all those who will be TAPIFing in Nîmes this coming year! You have secured a wonderful placement, so don’t be too disappointed if you were holding out for Montpellier, which is only 22 minutes away by train (yes, … Continue reading

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Blinded by history

My last day in Nîmes, I woke up just knowing there was no way I would ever make my train. Stepping into the post office as soon as it opened, I confirmed this fear. The post woman was trying to … Continue reading

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Bulls, bulls, bulls

Camille came down from Paris to visit me in Nîmes for Easter (holy flapjacks am I behind on posts). To celebrate the day before Easter, we were off to the bulls! Arles was celebrating Easter with the Féria de Pâques. We … Continue reading

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Tauromania- a guide

With the Féria de Pentecôte in Nîmes this weekend (wish I were there!!), I felt it was a good time to introduce you to tauromania a bit more thoroughly. Tauromachie, or loosely bull culture, is HUGE in southeastern France. For those who … Continue reading

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You have to say goodbye if you want to say hello

My heartstrings are being torn every which way to the point my heart feels it must burst. I prefer to think that it won’t burst; that instead, it will stretch, growing larger so it can contain all the sentiments it feels. It is a … Continue reading

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Grateful to have people to miss

Today was my last time at the aumônerie in Nîmes. The next meeting will happen after I’ve left the country. I am so grateful that I made so many friends through the aumônerie and I will miss them dearly. I … Continue reading

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