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A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.

The End… For Now

This, my friends, is the end. For now. This blog was meant as a way to at once document the TAPIF experience and provide somewhat of a guide for future TAPIFers. I think it accomplished these goals. Which means one … Continue reading

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

A while back, Dana, a TAPIF blogger friend, now a lectrice blogger, kindly nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I adore Dana’s incredibly insightful blog. Your blog certainly has inspired mine. Merci, Dana ! And “merci !” to … Continue reading

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Results are in

Survey results are in! Thanks to everyone who participated, you guys are fantastic! The results aren’t very wide-ranging in terms of the different académies, my fault as I didn’t do much to disseminate the survey. That being said, please feel … Continue reading

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A call to past (and present) TAPIF assistants!

Past and present assistants! This survey is for you. It is a survey to rank your Académie, to let future assistants know what made your Académie special. If I can’t fiddle with this to show the results on the page, then … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming- Message for new TAPIFers

You might think “France? What’s so difficult about living in France? That would be a dream!” You’re not completely wrong. Living in France can be dreamy. Having just arrived, it probably is pretty dreamy right now. It’s probably not as … Continue reading

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Because macarons aren’t tempting enough

Get ready to drool, my fellow gourmands. Paris may have its macarons, but the south of France doesn’t fail in offering an array of sweet temptations. I succumbed to most of them. No regrets. These and so many more are what … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF: What foods ARE typically American?

When you’re preparing to leave, sometimes you want to try to take ingredients for typically American (or wherever you’re from) foods. For me, it was hardest to figure out what a typically American food was beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. … Continue reading

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