Pre-depature Chaos: Ask Dana and Lauren

New to TAPIF? Have questions you haven’t found answers to? Freaking out in pre-departure excitement and stress? Katy of the blog So You Think You Can France offered a similar question opportunity on her blog and I really appreciated it, so here’s returning the act. Dana and I are here to help you!  Ask your questions here or on Dana’s post and in about two weeks, we’ll write a post with answers to your questions (or at least try).

Ask away!


About Quiche Lauren

A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.
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4 Responses to Pre-depature Chaos: Ask Dana and Lauren

  1. Dana says:

    Good idea. I’ll probably reciprocate

  2. Dana says:

    Reblogged this on The Great Big World: As Told By Dana and commented:
    Bonjour Future TAPIFers! My friend Lauren and I are teaming up to answer your questions! As program alumnae we can leave you with a lot of insight. Leave your questions here or on Lauren’s site in the comments section, and we will do our best to answer them within the next two weeks!



  3. Awesome! You two are fabulous.
    Some questions: What types of teaching materials did you bring with you, and were they worth the space in your luggage? Was there anything you wish you had brought but didn’t or vice versa? What was the most unexpected thing you encountered? I know this will vary from school to school and even class to class, but I’m curious: what was your students’ general English level? How often did you have to use French to explain something?
    Merci mille fois 🙂 xx

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