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Premier anniv’ en France

My first birthday in France was formidable! I am so lucky to have formed some great friendships and work with such wonderful students and teachers. One of my students in English Club figured out that I had a February birthday from … Continue reading

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Rubber ducky cultural blunders

Most people who lived abroad have some story involving a cultural or linguistic blunder. Like, someone who tried to say they were full after having eaten a filling meal but instead announced to their host family that they were pregnant. … Continue reading

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Got Nothing Toulouse in Dawn’s Light

I went to visit my friend Dawn in Toulouse from the 14th-16th. We met on the bus to the Rencontre Européenne. Toulouse, Albi, Agen, Montpellier, and Nîmes were all on the same bus and I’m so glad that we were … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF: Lesson planning secondary style

Am I the only one out here who thinks that the English language program in French high schools is based around some really vague and random ideas? Spaces and Exchanges, Myths and Heroes, the Notion of Progress, and Places and … Continue reading

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Liebster Nomination

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Dana of The Great Big World According to Dana! Thank you, Dana! I admire your blog and find it amusing how we often seem to be on the same wavelength. I also … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Rain

You have to love rainy and windy Monday mornings when you walk to school to be there for your 7:45AM class for which the teacher doesn’t show up and gave you no warning (nor to the students, kudos to you … Continue reading

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Who else thought handball was just a unit in high school gym class? Turns out in France, there are national handball leagues for men and women which are pretty popular. Briana’s host mom works in sports promotion and gets free … Continue reading

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