The Tarasque and I

The Tarasque and I

On Friday, Briana and I took the E51 Edgard direction Avignon and stepped off onto the cobblestone streets of Tarascon. This is a storybook town if I’ve ever seen one. I make a distinction between storybook and fairy tale; fairy tale is more a place where you can imagine Disney princesses, magic and fairies. It’s a place of wonder where life is beautiful. Storybook is home to myths, tales, and legends. It is equally a place of wonder and beauty, but where strife and trials may have existed. Indeed, Tarascon does come with a myth, that of the Tarasque, a creature reminiscent of a lion turtle for Avatar aficionados. For those not familiar with Avatar (the TV series, not the blue people movie), imagine a cross between a lion and a turtle and maybe throw in a dragon for good measure. According to legend, this creature emerged from the Rhône and plagued the city of Tarascon, taking up residence in the marshes outside the city along the river. Historically, it seems a ship with exotic beasts en route for the bloody spectacles of Roman arenas sunk nearby Tarascon and whatever foreign creature people declared the Tarasque was aboard the ship.

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There were several cute shops in Tarascon, and with les soldes, I could not resist buying an adorable pair of half-priced flats. There was also a castle we were allowed into for free to see a small part because Briana and I are charming and many-splendored creatures. Ok, ok, it was probably more because we came too late and I think the guy felt badly for us. The Église Ste. Marthe was gorgeous and one of the more spiritual churches I’ve visited. Apparently Clovis was there at some point once upon a time.

Tarascon was a delightful little town, possibly my favorite small town yet which I’ve used the Edgard to get to. People were friendly and actually stopped to let you cross the street. Incredible. I’d like to get back earlier in the day to have time to hit the castle and see the museum of Provencal fabrics.

And an announcement; I HAVE FINALLY RECEIVED CAF!!!! And let’s just say that if my other reasons to move weren’t sufficient (which they were) this has made the move economic beyond my hopes.


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A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.
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