New Year to-do list

Happy New Year! Bonne année! Tanti auguri per l’anno nuovo! Próspero Año Nuevo! Šťastný nový rok!

(Thanks Lenka, Zuska, and Marek for the Slovakian wishes!)


Just so all you future TAPIFers know, if you find yourself realizing you only have (slightly under) 5 months left and you’re still not sure what’s coming after, you’re not alone. Most TAPIFers aren’t exactly sure what’s coming next. Make the most of the time which is given to you! It’s scary, but exciting. So here’s to you if you find yourself on my blog! And here’s us the current TAPIFers!2013 was a great year including many of the highlights of my life and adventures both expected and unexpected. Here’s to 2014!

Here’s my little to-do list for 2014:

1.) Play a game of pétanque.

2.) Create an English Conversation Club in Nîmes.

3.) Learn something new. Start learning a new language or start taking dance lessons. Something.

4.) See Ödland in concert. They’re an amazing band from Lyon. Check them out!!

5.) Go to a country I’ve never been to before. Or, preferably, several.

6.) Get a job in international/ intercultural education and/ or start a Master’s degree in said field. Do something with my life to foster peace through cultural and linguistic exchange.

7.) Relentlessly seek the good in every situation and build upon it. Learn from the bad and overcome it. Create whatever might be missing (like the English Club I want to create!). Do good to others and myself.

8.) Most importantly, find a rubber duck. Take this rubber duck to the esplanade. Place it into the water. Watch it float all the way to the train station, preferably at night when the water is lit up. Add epic music, like An American in Paris, because the part with the car honking sounds more like a duck to me. Or Mars Bringer of War. Now you officially know I’m crazy 😉

Soon to come- my experience at the European Meeting! I started off the 27th in Montpellier to meet up with Thomas, my friend and the French TA at Gettysburg these past two years. It was so good to see him again! We hung out at Pierrick’s apartment (remember him, the friend I made in Montpellier?) and with another one of Pierrick’s friends wandered the city and wound up at the Rebuffy Pub, a delightfully quirky pub in Montpellier. We had some great conversations and good fun. After that, I got on a bus to Strasbourg for an experience which I will never, ever forget.


About Quiche Lauren

A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.
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  1. andrea says:

    You are just too funny my darling!!!

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