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My First Noël en France

While it’s not easy being far from home on Christmas, I was lucky enough to be adopted for the holidays by Pierre, the president of the Rotaract, and his adorable little family. I spent the 23rd cooking *struvella. It just … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming

Technically, it’s officially winter now as it’s the 21st of December. However, the south of France hasn’t gotten my memo with my definition of winter; snow and cold. I’m a Connecticut Yankee, alright? This warm winter stuff just doesn’t feel … Continue reading

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Speaking Sud (and the French you don’t learn at school)

At the food drive I did with the Rotaract, Adrien and Laure decided to teach me some new vocabulary. First off, as they are both true “sudistes” having lived in the south all their lives, they taught me some Southern … Continue reading

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Bientôt trois mois!

I can’t believe it’s almost been three months. Time has a very strange way of passing here. While having just arrived in Lyon and wandering the Parc de la tête d’or in an attempt not to fall asleep doesn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Ne cache pas ta lumière

Last night, I went to Lyon with the gym teacher from Hemingway and a few of her friends. We got back to Nîmes super duper late. Why did we do this? To see the Fête des lumières! Every year, the … Continue reading

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The Practical Things for TAPIF 3: Surviving your OFII appointment

First word of advice: If you are a girl, do NOT wear a dress. Just don’t do it. Also, don’t wear anything on top that is difficult to take off. You can thank me later.* In order to get the … Continue reading

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Living the Nîmes Life: Take Two Thanksgiving and other stories

This year, I was lucky enough to get to celebrate TWO Thanksgivings. Another of the assistants had a small Thanksgiving party Saturday. Her host mom and one of her host mom’s friends, the same I went with to Uzès, joined Briana … Continue reading

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