Baby giraffe!!!

On the 17th, I went to Newark and got on my Air Portugal flight. Did you know that small Portuguese children also sing Old MacDonald had a farm? Just in Portuguese? They do. It’s also possible to see a small dog in a sweatshirt wandering your plane. I had a window seat all to myself. After the short stopover in Lisbon, there was a small plane with no more than 30 people to Lyon. I met my friend there, put my stuff in his apartment, and went to a SNCF boutique to get my carte jeune while he was at work. After he got back, we went to explore Le Parc de la Tête d’Or. They have giraffes! And zebras and flamingos and black swans and other assorted flora and fauna. Apparently the park got its name because it was donated to the city by an eccentric old lady and legend has it there’s a buried golden head somewhere in the park. The next day we walked around Lyon and went to the Fourvière. There’s an old Roman arena there and vieux Lyon is pretty cool. I probably didn’t see even a quarter of Lyon and I was probably in one of the nicer areas of the city, but it seemed a very agreeable place to live. It was nice to arrive in France and see a familiar face!

CULTURAL NOTE Did you know that Lyon is the gastronomic center of France? Why did I not know this??? I tried the lyonnais specialty, la quenelle. It was so good!! It’s a sort of dumpling covered in a creamy fish sauce.


About Quiche Lauren

A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.
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