French Consulate Déja Vu

So. Let me tell you a little story. Let’s go back two years to the summer before my Junior Year. It’s the day Lauren took a trip to the city to apply for her visa. It all happened like this. Wait outside the consulate. Wait. The kind guard asks for the booking receipt and passport. Enter the consulate. Sit down. Wait. Go up to window number 1 and hand in some forms and various paperwork to a rather *snippy woman. Miss the instruction that you have to sign a form twice. Sign twice. Sit down. Wait. And wait. And wait. Get called to window number 3. A nice woman takes Lauren’s fingerprints and tells her everything is fine and she can leave. Hooray! There’s some time to explore the city with her father and brother. Lauren and her father and brother get on the train to come home. Lauren’s phone rings. It’s her mother to say the French Consulate called home. Lauren’s heart sinks. She calls the number her mom provides and learns that they were supposed to take her photo. So can you please come from Grand Central back to the consulate within 30 minutes? Commence action movie scene of Lauren and her brother and father *running off the train and all the way back to the consulate. Lauren gets inside the consulate and breaks down thinking she’s never going to get her visa. An older French man and younger woman come over and comfort her, promising her that she will indeed get to France and that she’s going to love it. The photo is taken. This time, everything really is set and Lauren actually does get her visa and gets to France and loves being there.

Now let’s fast forward to today. Mainly the same story. The same nice guard. The same snippy woman at window 1. All the waiting. Only this time, they took my photo and fingerprints at window 3. And this time no, crazy action scene- BECAUSE they called me while the train was in motion to tell me there was a technical problem and I had to come back to redo my photo and fingerprints. Mais non! C’est impossible! Mais si. C’est possible. Luckily, the woman on the phone was nice and understood that going back to NY city was not easy and pretty pricey for me. So I just have to wait longer to get my visa so they can resolve the technical problem rather than go back again so they can redo the photo and fingerprints. Let’s hope it’s a technical problem that’s possible to resolve. I think I had enough of strange random problems out of my control the last time I was in France. No more, please! The silver lining is that I did get to meet another assistant who will be in Nîmes. Yay! It’s nice to have met someone before getting there.

*Let’s be honest, yes, snippy femme’s job probably is really boring and frustrating because people probably do fill out forms wrong and forget photocopies. Still, when you’re snippy and other people are nervous and you respond snippily, you’re not really helping things. And yes, I did forget to sign the form twice. Again.

*Yes, we could have taken the subway. Or a taxi. But for some reason, we didn’t.


About Quiche Lauren

A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.
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