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The Practical Things for TAPIF: Getting a visa

Now on to more practical matters in the world of getting a language assistant visa. How do you get one and what should you expect? Book your appointment online. Do this in early summer, getting an appointment in late July … Continue reading

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French Consulate Déja Vu

So. Let me tell you a little story. Let’s go back two years to the summer before my Junior Year. It’s the day Lauren took a trip to the city to apply for her visa. It all happened like this. … Continue reading

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CT = NH ?

I’ve mentioned CT apostilles are WAY above the average of $10 for an apostille. I mean really, where does that money even go? I love stickers, but I would never pay that much for a single, big, gold colored sticker. … Continue reading

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Ticket to fly

I’ve got my tickets to France! Woo! I’ll be using TAP Air Portugal and I’ll have a stopover in Lisbon both ways. I didn’t want to fly into Paris because it’s a looong train ride between there and Nîmes and no … Continue reading

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