Affectation- Destination Nîmes!

Je suis affectée à Nîmes! I finally know where I’ll be in France! I know very little about Nîmes except for that there are a lot of remnants from the Roman occupation of Gaul. And that denim was invented there. De Nîmes = denim. Yup. There you go. The location seems great. It was one of the cities I was really hoping for (topped or at the very least tied with Montpellier). It would figure that the letter would arrive while I was away. Ironically, with a French friend who had come to visit and was staying in NYC. I was dyyying of curiosity to know where I was placed, but- all the papers are in French. My parents are monolingual (how they wound up with a language loving daughter I do not know). Gasp! How to find out? My father was actually able to decipher where it looked like I was placed and took pictures of the pages and sent them to me. So I shall be headed to Nîmes in quelques mois. Excitement!Nimes pre-arrival


About Quiche Lauren

A blog by an English teaching assistant in Nîmes (Académie de Montpellier) through the TAPIF program.
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